FCT: The Imperative of Establishing Information And Communications Secretariat


“The FCT Administration, under the able leadership of Nyesom Wike, already has all the essential components required to effectively establish a Secretariat of Information”. 


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) is at a pivotal moment in its history; embarking on a comprehensive administrative restructuring (the establishment of the FCT Civil Service Commission) which was approved by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on 16th October 2023.

The establishment of the commission which aligns with the organizational framework of a state, brings with it, the opportunity to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of governance in the FCT.

There is no gainsaying the fact that one critical component that cannot be overlooked in this development, especially for a fast-growing modern city like the Federal Capital Territory, is the establishment of a robust information management architecture.

The Centrality of Information in Governance:

At the heart of any successful government policy is the ability to manage information which not only involves the collection and analysis of data but also the dissemination of accurate and timely information to the public.

It plays a vital role in every facet of governance, particularly in the areas of transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement.

Contemporary information management touches on all fields of human activity, including medicine, economics, the environment, engineering, social welfare, and more.

The Current State of Affairs:

In its current state, the information framework of the FCT in a rapidly evolving city vis-à-vis the phenomenon of globalization is not well positioned to generate the desired outcomes.

It is crucial to highlight that the FCT has been underrepresented at the highest information policy-making body (National Council of Information) which is chaired by the Minister of Information with all State Commissioners of Information as members.

Sadly, representation by the FCT has consistently been inadequate, leading to limited participation and implementation of Council decisions.

Similarly, at the FCT Executive Council level, the lack of a Secretariat has deprived the Council of robust and strategic contributions.

Creating a Secretariat of Information and Communications: 

A Strategic Approach

Establishing a Secretariat of Information and Communications would be a strategic move by the Administration in enhancing the following:

  1. Structured approach for enhanced Coordination: To streamline Information management to ensure coherence and efficiency.
  2. Accurate and Timely Information Dissemination: The Secretariat would ensure that all government communications are accurate, timely, and effectively disseminated to the public.
  3. Effective Public Sensitization and Support: Through targeted campaigns and outreach, the Secretariat would play a key role in sensitizing the populace on government policies and mobilizing support for developmental initiatives.
  4. Behavioural Change for development: Effective communication is crucial for encouraging and guiding behaviourial change among resident to comply with regulations set by the Administration.
  5. Addressing crisis: In times of emergencies, the Secretariat would coordinate government’s messages by providing clear and authoritative information to the public.
  6. Enhancing Government-Public Interface: A Secretariat of Information and Communications would be well-placed to modernize interface with the public, leveraging technology to facilitate a two-way dialogue with citizens. This could involve the development of mobile applications, the upkeep of a user-friendly official website, and active management of social media platforms.
  7. A Response to Rapid Urbanization: In the context of rapid urbanization information management structure, support data-driven urban planning, citizen engagement, infrastructure management, digital governance, public health and safety initiatives, environmental sustainability efforts, economic development, community empowerment, and social inclusion.
  8. Career Progression and Professional Development: The creation of a Secretariat and its directorates would also have significant benefits for career progression and professional development n the FCT Administration. Specialized positions within the Secretariat would allow for the cultivation of expertise in various areas of information management and communications, building a cadre of skilled professionals dedicated to advancing the FCT.

The FCT Administration, under the able leadership of Nyesom Wike, already has all the essential components required to effectively establish a Secretariat of Information.

Apart from the various Information structures that are embedded in the Secretariats, Departments, and Agencies (SDA’s), the other key institutions whose responsibilities align with information related activities include:

v Archives and History Bureau

v Department of Outdoor Advertising

v Abuja Film Village

v Aso Radio and Television


v Abuja Digest

All of these are vital components that can form a robust foundation for the Secretariat of Information and Communications for the FCT Administration.


The establishment of a Secretariat of Information and Communications is not merely about emulating the structures found in states; it is about recognizing and acting upon the fundamental importance of information management in modern governance.

As the FCT continues to evolve and grow, it is imperative that its administrative structure evolves with it.

A dedicated Secretariat of Information and Communications would be a significant step forward in ensuring that the FCT Administration is equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century governance and serve its populace with the highest standards of communication and information management.

The establishment of a Secretariat of Information and Communications is not an option but a necessity in this context as it would serve as a vital organ of the FCT Administration, one that breathes life into its policies and initiatives through effective communication.

The pragmatic and project-driven FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, history is beckoning on you.

…Abdul wrote in from Abuja via abduljelil2001@gmail.com


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