Greysoft Technologies Announces ‘The Kukah Prize For Young Innovators’



One of Nigeria’s leading IT firms, GreySoft Technologies, in collaboration with The Kukah Centre, has announced the commencement of ‘The Kukah Prize for Young Innovators’ award in recognition of outstanding innovative minds in the field of technology. The award is due to be presented to three winners of the award who must be young Africans that have demonstrated exceptional skills for digital transformation.

According to a statement released by organisers of the event: “Bright young minds with creative technological solutions to developmental challenges both in their communities and in the wider world will be evaluated by judges in the startup and tech space across the continent for the most innovative digital solutions in the form of start-ups or initial concepts meeting global developmental challenges.

Eligibility and selection criteria, as announced by organisers of the ward, include, among others:

  • The nominee shall not have reached his/her 31stbirthday by the time the award is received.
  • Nominees must be African
  • The award will be presented to individual whose innovative work demonstrates high levels of excellence in technology.
  • The award winner will be selected on the basis of the outstanding quality, novelty and significance of the candidate’s research.
Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, Ph.D

This award is sponsored by Greysoft Technologies and The Kukah Centre and winners of the prize shall be conferred with the award on August 31, 2022 during the 70th Birthday Celebration of Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah. Winners of this award will also have opportunity of gaining internship with global IT organisation such as Microsoft, Google, including other benefits that may be deemed fit by the Award Committee.

Young African innovators interested in the prize should visit for participation.


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