‘I am In The Race To Salvage Wase People’


The PDP House of Representatives candidate for Wase Federal Constituency, Alhaji Umar Sule Rabo (Barden Wase), was at the PDP campaigns flag-off event in Mangu recently where and when he received the party’s flag as the candidate for Wase federal constituency. In a chat with newsmen on the occasion, he said he was delighted with the manner the PDP has remobilised and the enormous strength it has garnered, noting that the mammoth crowd that attended the event at the Mangu Mini Stadium is an indication and testimony that the people are tired of the poverty, hunger, and hardship being inflicted on Nigerians by the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and frowns at the APC as not only incompetent, but lacking general idea about governance. Excerpts as captured by CHAMBERLAIN ODEY

What is your impression from this PDP 2019 flag of event today?
It is obvious from what I’m seeing that the people of Plateau State have collectively resolved to do away with the hunger and poverty that the ruling party has brought to Nigeria and inflicted on the people. How can a country so blessed and endowed with rich human and natural resources suddenly become the poverty headquarters of the world? This is sad and quite unfortunate.

What do you think actually brought the country to this sorry state of affairs?
The collapsed economy, high unemployment rate, skyrocketed inflation, insecurity, capital flight, and low standard of living are the main factors that this administration has been unable to address, and we have been subjugated to the pitiable level we are now. Before now things were not so bad! The whole development is an indication that the APC is helpless, clueless, overwhelmed, and has completely run out of ideas. So, Nigerians cannot afford another round of this mess and lack of direction and focus. That is why we have to effect the change.

So, what will you really do if elected to turn things around for the better?
I will work very hard to ensure sound and people-based legislation that will address most of our environmental challenges, and also focus on development imperatives such as education, industrialisation, security, and an enduring template of job and wealth creation for Plateau State and the nation as a whole. I will want to make a mark by attracting positive infrastructural development to Wase Federal Constituency and thereby enhance the socio-economic status of Plateau State as a whole.

There is much talk about women and youths among politicians and political parties. Do you have these demographic groups on your priority or programme list?
Let me respond by announcing that I intend to focus on human development and transformation generally. Our youths need to be empowered and we need to build their capacities to the levels of expertise, proficiency, and professionalism so that they can engage in regenerative socio-economic engagements. Look at Wase LGA, all the projects standing there are those of the PDP Administration. I will therefore promote rural infrastructural development and ensure that Wase LGA takes its rightful place as a worthy and worthwhile destination in Nigeria. But let me also add that I will liaise with my other colleagues from the state to ensure that we have unity and peace in the state, because the task of ensuring peace in Plateau State is collective. I am actually in the race to salvage the Wase Federal Constituency and enhance the people’s socio-economic profile.

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