BY VICTOR BUORO, ABUJA – Former Attorney General of Kaduna State, Mr Mark Jacob Nzamah, Esq, has said if both the federal and Kaduna State governments continue to say the killings in Southern Kaduna is reprisal attacks, it then means the killers are known to them.

This is as he also said that both the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal and Kaduna State governments are deliberately and consciously refusing to honour the provisions of the constitution that makes it mandatory for them to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians.

Mark Jacob said; “If the killers said they killed because someone offended them, it means they are known. It means the government has interacted with them and they told the government that they did the killing and that they were on a revenge mission.

“If the government is the one explaining or justifying crime, it simply means there is a big problem. What the governor of Kaduna State have been saying is in tandem with what the federal government is saying because the two levels of government have probably interfaced with those committing the crime in Southern Kaduna,” he stressed.

Jacob Nzamah, who stated this while reacting to the statement credited to the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity and Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State to the killings by unknown gunmen in Southern Kaduna, said that it is a pity that Nigeria is going on autopilot.

In his words; “As far as I’m concerned, the President of Nigeria is a ghost worker. He is the only president in the world that doesn’t speak at all even when people in his domain are slaughtered. He only sends Garba Shehu, a hireling, a paid thug to speak to people.

He blasted Garba Shehu over his lack of human feelings for those hacked to death through his recent press statement in which he attributed the attacks on Southern Kaduna as “revenge killings” in addition to other venomous remarks as well as those ascribed to the Kaduna State Government, all in an effort to change the narrative of the killings.

The presidential spokesman had in a statement, said that; “evil combination of politically-motivated banditry, revenge killings and mutual violence by criminal gangs acting on ethnic and religious ground are causes for the attacks.”

Reacting to the statement, Mark Jacob stressed that Garba Shehu and his boss have not said anything different from what they are used to saying since they came to office.

Mark Jacob further said; “The current federal government has never empathized, sympathized or attempted to give succour to those who survived and this has been the same pattern to their reaction to the issues in Southern Kaduna.

“Today, Garba Shehu is acting the same script that they have been acting since they came to office, did what they have been doing with the governor of Kaduna State. “However, nobody voted for Garba Shehu, nobody sworn-in Garba Shehu but, every critical junction of this nation where it totters and slips slowly into destruction, the Pilot, the Chief captain of the ship is comatose, he is absent from duty and one of his hirelings who knows nothing about life, who knows nothing about people’s lives but his office releases a provocative press statement.

“The fact that he is an appointee of the Federal Government that is the only thing he is trying to protect and you know he is not under oath to do justice to anybody. So, he behaves irrationally, he talks like a motor Park thug, he talks like someone who is on drugs.

“If he is not on drugs, there is no way he will justify what is being meted out to people who were sleeping, not at war with anyone, but well-armed militia came and killed them. They attack communities both day and night. Of course, because they know there will not be intervention from the security forces, so, they strike at any time and at anybody that they want.

“This government has won a classic in being the most irresponsive and irresponsible government. They don’t care about our lives. On the contrary, at the heat of the attacks in Zamfara, the president wore a camouflage jacket for the first time after retirement and “matched” into the troubled state to attack Cattle rustlers.

“When it comes to Southern Kaduna, the same Garba Shehu is sent to issue a twisted press statement. He often blame the victims of the attacks, he often point at reprisal as the reason why we are being attacked,” Jacob said.


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