I’ve Zero Doubt On Speaker Dogara’s Integrity – Bishop Oyedepo


BY ALIJO SYLVESTER, ABUJA – The General Overseer and founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo says he has zero doubt about the integrity and person of Speaker Yakubu Dogara of the House of Representatives. 

Speaking when he hosted the Speaker and some members of the House of Representatives in Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State, Bishop Oyedepo described Speaker Dogara as a true follower of God.

According to the man of God; “I will stand with him anywhere. The testimony of his front-line role in the Christian Youth Corper’s Fellowship in Akwa Ibom, is there in the record today. In spite of the attack on his health, he still went back to complete his mission there. It’s not just about religion; it’s about the fear of God and the love for humanity.

“The Honourable Speaker, Rt. Hon. Dogara is a follower of this Commission. And no wonder he’s manifesting the Grace of this Commission. How could someone do away with his six months of salary? If he told me I would tell him don’t do it. But he would do what his father does, and so he must see what his father sees.

“Your lifting has just started; your promotion has just begun. He has remained consistent in his walk with God.”

Bishop Oyedepo admonished Nigerians to have faith in the country saying; “Nigeria is coming out” and prayed that “Every wish of the devil against Nigeria will not flourish. Nigeria will prosper again.

“And the kinds of things we are hearing today are the only way out. Let us sit down together and solve our problems. The whole world is watching, Syria is dead, no nation will come and take responsibility for you. We must wake up and take responsibility.”

Oyedepo revealed that his driving motivation is that it doesn’t have to be white, to be right because “the brain of man is the same the world-over, same content, same weight, same color. There’s no white brain and black brain, same color, what’s the problem? With adequate engagement of this resource, we can solve our problems.”

Earlier, Speaker Dogara said he committed his six months salaries to the project of building Covenant University adding that God’s grace and favour has been upon him since then. 

He showered encomiums on Bishop Oyedepo, whom he said has been a source of inspiration to him.

Dogara further said; “You have never ceased to inspire people like us and to inspire our generation. We pray that God will continue to increase and enlarge your coast. We pray God gives you uncommon and unparalleled wisdom, so that we can rescue not just Nigeria but the black race. I see this as one of the arms of your investment that will achieve this in our life time. “

House of Representatives members that accompanied the Speaker include: Hons Aminu Jaji (Zamfara), Timothy Golu (Plateau), Jonathan Gaza (Nasarawa), Kayode Oladele (Ogun), E. J. Agbonayinma (Edo), Akinlade Olajide (Ogun) and Jimoh Olusola Ojugbele (Ogun).

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