BY VICTOR BUORO, ABUJA – An Oyo State-based socio-political group on the aegis of Oyo Kajola Group (OKG), has flayed the Senator Teslim Folarin representing Oyo Central Senatorial District, for claiming in an address to his party loyalists that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has set two traps for the Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, which he vowed the governor cannot escape.

In a statement, by its Media Coordinator, Mr. Adebayo Ayandele, the OKG said that the statement credited to Folarin has exposed the evil intention of the APC, its members, particularly that of the Senator in question.

Ayandele said; “By that statement, we are left in no doubt that the APC has the sinister motive of seizing power at all cost through the Court, an intention which has no basis and will fail woefully.”

The group maintained that whatever trap has been set to derail good governance, which the Makinde administration has been delivering in the state, would hit the rocks because the Governor was massively elected by Oyo State people and has continued to endear himself to them through policies and programmes that are already yielding fruits.

OKG noted that Folarin’s assertion, contained in a video clip, was a timely revelation that forces of darkness in the APC were hell bent on destabilizing the government of Makinde.

It warned that any plan to entrap the people of Oyo State with fraudulent Court judgment and foist on the people an already rejected candidate would contend with stiff opposition and the wrath of the people.

The group warned the APC leaders, especially Folarin, to perish the thoughts of stealing the popular mandate given to Makinde, saying that it will surely remain a pipedream that can never materialize.

“Before such APC leaders go about deceiving innocent persons, they, including Folarin would need to explain their roles in the failed Moniya-Ijaiye-Iseyin road contract on which N2billion of Oyo State tax payers’ money was wasted without a tangible result,” OKG said.

It described Folarin’s statement as unguarded and irresponsible, adding that the Senator’s insistence that “they could not allow another party except the APC to govern Oyo State,” came a few weeks after the trio of former Governors Adebayo Alao-Akala, Abiola Ajimobi and Folarin had a meeting in Abuja.

“We in the Oyo Kajola Group and by extension the people of Oyo state were not surprised by Senator Folarin’s statement. Indeed, no resident of Oyo State expects decorum or finesse from Folarin, because of his known political history. What no one expected was that he would, like a palm wine drinker, openly seek to truncate the wishes generally expressed by the people of Oyo State during the March 9, election.

“We believe that Folarin’s unguarded statement was God’s way of exposing APC’s plan to derail the government of Oyo State and deny the people of the good governance they are already enjoying under Governor Makinde.”

The group queried the real reason behind Folarin’s outburst, wondering if he was reacting to Makinde’s actions in exposing the rot left behind by his cousin, Senator Ajimobi or protecting his own interest, saying: “But before Folarin and his evil traps setters in the APC continue in their doomed voyage.

OKG asked Folarin to explain what he knows about the Moniya-Ijaiye-Iseyin road contract awarded to Oladiran Trades and paid N2 billion mobilization funds among others.


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