Meet Our Demands Or Kaduna Will Become Abattoir – Train Attackers Warn FG


BY EDMOND ODOK – The gang of terrorists that attacked the Abuja-Kaduna bound train killing and abducting some passengers has threatened to kill those still in their custody unless the Federal Government urgently meets their demands.

Warning that any further delay by the government in meeting their demands could be fatal, the bandits said they may be forced to make their den in Kaduna State an Abattoir.

In a video message that has gone viral, the bandits said: “Government should hasten to meet us before we turn this place into an abattoir because killing these people is nothing to us. It’s not about money. We can’t do this for money. The government knows what we want.”

Having released the Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Alwan Ali-Hassan, the terrorists claimed in the video that the decision was on compassionate grounds because Ali-Alwan is old and had passionately pleaded with them while in captivity.

Meanwhile, a reliable source close to the BOA Chief Executive told journalists that contrary to claims by the terrorists, about N100 million was allegedly paid as ransom for his freedom.

In the short viral video, four arm-wielding terrorists in military camouflage were seen with the Managing Director in their middle while the background bore the semblance of a destroyed Amoured Personnel Carrier (APC).

Believed to have been recorded before Ali-Hassan regained his freedom, the video clip had the four terrorists using clothing materials to cover their faces, two of them wore turbans while the Managing Director appeared in a white kaftan and a cap.

Praying in Arabic before making his speech in Hausa, the gang leader said being responsible for the train attack in which people died and they abducted some of the passengers, they are demanding that the government negotiates with them or risk the captives being slaughtered.

He said; “We are the people who abducted these people on the train some days back. This one (the MD) you can see him; because of his old age and in this month of Ramadan, we pitied him and decided to release him to his relations.

“The government should know that this is nothing. We just pitied him. He is here if he has additional remarks to make.”

Please Help The Captives — Released BOA Boss Begs
Also speaking in Hausa, the now freed Managing Director said; “I would like to let you know that these people’s pitied me and allowed me to go because of my age. But I have left many people behind in a condition that they need help.

“The government should contact the leaders of this group and negotiate their release because they are in a situation that needs immediate help.”

Given the message conveyed in the statement, it seems money is not their primary concern but something else with insinuations already ripe in public space that their demands could be hinged on possibly a prisoner swap.

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