Nigerian Tulip International Colleges host, dominate 2nd World Scholars Cup


Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC), Abuja have dominated the second edition of World Scholars Cup in Nigeria held at NTIC and National Universities Commission’s (NUC) auditorium, Abuja respectively from November 3rd – 4th, 2018.

The NTIC students were outstanding at the competition as they went home with several trophies and medals for their remarkable performance at the two-day event which featured over 400 students from 17 schools within and outside the nation’s capital.

Featured at the event were eleven of NTIC schools across Nigeria; Premier International School, Wuse; Aduvie International School; Funtaj International School; ICICIE Al-Anoor; Doveland International School, and I-Scholars International Academy.

The World Scholars Cup competition is a global academic event that brings students from different nationalities and countries together to pursuit a common challenge which features four exciting events such as Team Debate, Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing, and Scholar’s Bowl.

At the Abuja event, students explored the theme ‘An Entangled World.’ A team comprised of three students to explore how human relationships, diplomacy, black markets, the science of memory, braving the distance, voices of the inseparable and many more that make the world an entangled web.

In the team debate section, each team debated three times on motions across all the subjects, from policy to poetry.

Also, in the collaborative writing, it was an awesome experience for them, as individual teams were given six statements, each from a different subject area, whereby a representative either argue in favour or against. It was a swell experience as each team debated with the power of their pen.

Similarly, the scholars challenge added a new flavour to students way of approaching multiple choice questions. Each team were given multiple choice questions to tackle, but with an alpaca-powered twist, participants were allowed to mark more than one answer per question, but with grading condition.

The day two of the event held at the National Universities Commission auditorium, featured the scholars bowl event, whereby every team was in the theater with a clicker.

Teams were made to work together to solve analytic questions and multimedia challenges. It was loud and strategic as students clicked their answers before time ran out. The students learnt and had fun with reckless abandoned.

Moreover, the Nigeria’s second round of World Scholars Cup hosted by NTIC was a huge success and a remarkable experience for students, teachers, parents and everyone present at the event.

Meanwhile, qualified teams have been invited for the global rounds which will take place in South Africa, Australia, Northern Europe and the Far East for the final round, Tournament of Champions at Yale University.

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