Nollywood Star, Kate Henshaw Chides IPOB, MASSOB Over Biafra


Ken Henshaw wrote:

I think the current generation of ‘Biafrans’ are the most stupid so far. How dare you sit in your homes or offices and draw your Biafra map and include places like Rivers, Cross River, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, etc as part of your empire? Did you consult them? Did you seek their opinions?

You are forcing people to join a country whose commander in chief you have already anointed – Nnamdi Kanu; whose currency you have already decided – Biafra Pounds; whose official religion you have already adopted – Judaism; whose God you have already chosen – Chukwu Abiama?*

Do you not realize that you are doing to those people the same thing you accuse the British and Nigeria of doing to you?

For carving my state into your ‘Biafra’ and renaming it without my permission and consultation, I have a moral duty to fight you with everything I have.

I don’t fight you because I do not want your freedom; I fight you because I love mine too. I don’t fight you because you don’t have a right to your country; I fight you because I have the same right. I fight you because your map is an insult to me and my freedom to choose.

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