Okada Ban Reduces Deaths, Insecurity In Lagos — Sanwo-Olu

  • Says over 2000 CCTV cameras govt for installation

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State says the ban on commercial motorcyclists, popularly called ‘Okada Riders’, has put in check the high rates of accidents and worrying insecurity in the State.

The Governor said since the ban came into force, there have been tremendous improvements in the security situation and deaths arising from motorcycles accidents across the state

Governor Sanwo-Olu, who featured on the Channels Television programme, Sunday Politics, said; “We have seen tremendous improvement in the areas that Okada has been banned. Not only have we seen a drop in issues around security, like traffic robberies, but we have also seen a significant drop in okada accidents. We don’t see limbs being cut in our hospitals again.

“In terms of death alone, at the peak of the ban, we had 550 okada-related accidents on a monthly basis but now, okada-related accidents have come down to less than 100. I also told the RRS that we need to do a lot of pin downs and do pedestrian monitoring so that people can see them. These are some of the things that we have been doing.”

Responding to questions on the threat to his second term ambition by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer, Dr Olajide Adediran, the Lagos governor said it serves the people’s interest better to go for an experienced individual to handle things in an emergency situation rather than someone who is not conversant with the issues at stake.

“This is real governance. I have the greatest respect for all the candidates but the governance of Lagos is not a trial and error, you have to hit the ground running. If you have an emergency at 3: am, who would you call? What are your chances? Do you call a man that has the experience; that has gone through the trenches before, that has lived with it and understands what the issues are, and appreciates the challenges you have at that 3:am? Or will you leave your chances to someone that does not know where the dial is or that does not know what the issues of governance are?

“This is Lagos and we have informed audiences. This is not a tea party. This is a state that is bigger than the economy of Ghana; in itself, it is a country. It is not a circus but a real thing. I don’t want to disparage anyone because I have the greatest respect for all the candidates that have emerged and the candidate of the particular party you are talking about.

“How does he start? It is not trial and error; you need to hit the ground from day one. I know all the names of my 65 or so permanent secretaries and I know what their pedigrees are. I believe that we have earned it.”

Speaking on the State government’s effort at addressing issues of unemployment, Governor  Sanwo-Olu disclosed that about 400,000 people have received training in new skills since the inception of his administration in May 2019.

The Governor also mentioned that measures are being taken to secure the rail tracks and prevent attacks on the rail line, adding over 2000 CCTV cameras are being installed across the state to forestall any form of security breach.

According to him; “We’re building a new data centre for security. We’re dealing with security issues in Lagos. We are working with the entire security architecture in the State to ensure that the citizens are safe and secure.”

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