• Alleges threat to life

BY EDMOND ODOK – The Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s Board of Trustees (BoT), Senator Walid Jibrin, has alleged threat to his life over recent comments on developments within the opposition party ahead of 2023 general elections in the country.

Raising the alarm in a petition to the Inspector General (IG) of Police and Director General of Department of State Service (DSS), Senator Jibrin feared that his remarks on the party not zoning its presidential ticket in 2023 may have sparked off resentment in some circles.

In the petition, he accused some forces within the party of being uncomfortable with his comments and thereby stoking the ember of disaffection among PDP members

According to Senator Jibrin; “I have received call from some people threatening my life over my coming out not to mention that the presidency of this country be zoned to the Northeast. They were saying that I am a traitor, that I should have come out to say that it is only Atiku Abubakar. That because I said that Atiku was already overthrown by the Supreme Court. They said for that, I should say Atiku is the man.

“That I won’t do because I am a leader. I have to make a lot of consultations; the National Working Committee (NWC) have to make a lot of consultations; our governors have to make a lot of consultations; then the NEC had to take a decision. And they should not forget the party has a constitution and a guideline which says that there must be primary for whoever wants to contest.

“We have not even discussed about zoning. So, why are some people so concerned about the presidential ticket being zoned to a particular zone?”

Giving insight on the alleged threst to his life, the BoT Chairman said; “About three people went to Wadata Plaza and demanded to see the Chief Security Officer, Munir Yerima. When they were there, Yerima rang me, asking where I was and I said I’m in Kaduna, then he said some people want to talk to me and I said let me talk to them on phone.

“He said they are intermediary between me and some party people that they said I have gone astray and if I don’t recant, they would hold a major demonstration against me and they would arrange bandits to deal with me wherever I go.

“So, I told the man to go and do whatever he wants to do that I’m equal to the task. Then I realised it’s not only a major demonstration but they may be planning to assassinate me.”

He said that unfortunate encounter therefore informed his petition to relevant security agencies, adding; “I have written to the DG DSS and the police IG to ensure that the matter is seriously handled as people can’t stand on their own. I’m an elder statesman in the party and in Northern Nigeria. I’m a Fulani… who have tried to stop the threats of militant Fulani in my local government and in my state.

“I’m a very religious person who cannot even kill a rat or an ant, yet people are trying to harass me, to assassinate me. I want the police to give me protection and stop this harassment. They said the people are from Kano, Sokoto, Adamawa, Kaduna, Zamfara, Kebbi and Jigawa states.

“It’s a gang from these Northern states who are planning against me. Let’s see if the security agencies would allow this to happen. I would do all expected of me, I’m not shaken.”

The BoT chairman, who expressed regrets that some people are already jumping the gun due to selfish interests, said; “Our party has not finished arrangements towards 2023, all we are doing now is reconciliation to ensure that our party are together, we have concluded arrangements to hold congresses. Soon the NWC would convene a NEC meeting and convention to ratify the arrangements.”

Senator Jibrin said being the Party’s BoT chairman, he remains the leader for all members nationwide, saying; “If the Igbo ask me about the party’s choice for president in 2023, how do I explain to them? There are people agitating for the South West; so we have to bring people together to agree on what people want. So, they should leave me alone”.

The BoT Chairman had recently hinted that the PDP will provide a level playing field for interested aspirants across the country to gun for the presidential ticket during its primaries for the 2023 polls.

This comment has continued to elicit different reactions, including alleged threats of harassment and public demonstration against his person by some members.


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