Peter Obi Blames Poor Leadership For Nigeria’s Woes

  • Urges PDP to embrace ‘justice, fairness, and equity’ in choosing candidate

BY SEGUN ADEBAYO – Former Governor of Anambra State and presidential aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s umbrella, Mr Peter Obi, has blamed poor leadership for the plethora of problems plaguing Nigeria.

He is also challenging the country’s main opposition party to embrace justice, fairness, and equity in the selection of the candidate to fly the party’s flag in the 2023 presidential election.

Obi, who was in Edo State on Wednesday to meet with Governor Godwin Obaseki and PDP stakeholders, said Nigerians must make necessary sacrifices to overcome the country’s current challenges regarding building a better and progressive Nigeria for citizens and the future generations.

Describing his aspiration as borne out of the fact that Nigeria is currently going through a lot of challenges, Obi said; “We will need to all make sacrifices in building a better nation for our children.

“We need somebody who is conversant with the realities because of the enormity of the problems besieging this country today. If the issues are not aggressively tackled from 2023, this country will not be there for all of us.”

The former Anambra State Chief Executive further said the foundation of development in a multi-ethnic and diverse society like Nigeria was unity, fairness, love, respect, and inclusiveness, even as he lamented the apparent floundering of the ship of state over the years by successive administrations.

According to him, Nigeria is urgently in need of a president with the visible capacity to pilot the ship of state, adding that only men of integrity should be given a chance to serve Nigeria at the highest level in the new political dispensation expected in 2023.

For the PDP aspirant, who was the running mate to PDP’s flagbearer in the 2019 presidential poll, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, it is worrisome that a huge number of Nigerians are living in abject poverty and this ugly situation must be effectively addressed through the choice of leaders come 2023 general elections.

“We have high unemployment today and the worst problem a country can have is to have young people in their productive age doing nothing, he said adding; “There is a collapse in our health, education, and security sectors. The 2023 election will be a game-changer, so we need to elect people with capacity and competence to drive our country and I know I have the capacity and competence to drive the country.’’

The country’s increasing debt profile also came under his scrutiny as he criticized the government’s attitude of borrowing for consumption, which should not be the case.

Putting in perspective his plans for Nigeria as the elected president, Obi said success would be achieved using social and economic reforms, adding that the so-called “100 days’’ celebration is unnecessary as nations were never built within 100 days.

“I can assure you that we will put in place policies that will strictly be implemented and start pulling people out of poverty from year one. We will not borrow money for consumption but for production”, he said.

On the contentious zoning arrangement, Obi pledged to stand by whatever decision taken by the PDP based on fairness and equity with love and inclusiveness for every geo-political zone of the country, arguing that the 2023 elections should not be about the candidate emerging from any particular geo-political zone but someone with the vision and capacity to do the job.

Offering his sincere advice to the PDP faithful, the presidential aspirant said; “Don’t vote in people who will keep sharing the future of our children because the nation is now sharing the future of our children and eventually there will be nothing left to share.”

While warning that; “We can’t bequeath anarchy on our children but a future”, he said; “We must build a better place. We must make it work, if not we will end up being refugees”, even as he urged the party delegates to change the “crisis” situation in the country by voting a competent candidate with a proven track record to move the country forward.

“We must pull our children out of poverty. Do not look at what you will get today, look at the future of our children as you vote. Let us go out and build a better Nigerian nation”, Obi posited.

In his remarks, Governor Obaseki agreed with the aspirant on the need for PDP to embrace justice, fairness, and equity in choosing its flagbearer for the 2023 presidential election, saying; “We are very grateful and pleased that Peter Obi has found it fit to come and talk and consult us on his aspiration to be the President of Nigeria.

“As you know, Edo is the heartbeat of Nigeria. It’s strategically positioned, both physically and politically. For us in Edo State, it’s about Nigeria first. Whatever we are doing politically must be the one that will strengthen and preserve our country.

“Our view is that this country cannot be preserved and sustained if there is no fairness and equity. We need that unity; we need to realise that, as a country, we all must feel that we are part of this country and have access and opportunities like every one of us in this country.”

The Edo Governor however said; “As we approach the 2023 elections, we must realise that for us to preserve our country, all parts of this country must feel included in politics.”

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