A nurse handling COVID-19 patient at a medical centre in Apple Valley, California - AFP/Getty photo
  • Confirms 215,805 new coronavirus cases

The United States recorded its highest single daily COVID-19 fatality of 4,327 deaths on Tuesday, according to figures published by Johns Hopkins University.

According to the latest figures, the US recorded 215,805 new coronavirus cases, with the death toll put at 4,327 cases.

With these numbers, the country’s total death tally from the pandemic has now risen 380,485, which is the highest daily death figure recorded globally by the University since the pandemic outbreak.

Before Tuesday’s all time high numbers, the previous highest figure of 4,194 was recorded on January 7, 2021.

Also, the virus Tracking Project reports that 131,326 people are currently hospitalized in the US with COVID-19, adding that it is the 42nd day in a row that the figure has exceeded 100,000 cases

Christina Maxouris at CNN reports that over the past week, the US has averaged more than 3,300 deaths every day, represent over 200 per cent increase since November 2020.

She writes: “Arizona reported a record-high 5,082 hospitalized Covid-19 patients Tuesday and on the same day broke a second record: more than 1,180 patients with the virus in ICU beds.

“In Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards extended an order which keeps Covid-19 mitigation measures in place for nearly another month, saying the state was seeing a ‘huge spike’ in cases and hospitalizations.”

Furthermore, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said more than 27.6 million vaccine doses have so far been distributed in the country, with Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar announcing changes in the distribution plan to try and speed up the roll-out.

Azar said “We are telling states they should open vaccinations to all people 65 and over, and all people under age 65 with a comorbidity with some form of medical documentation.”

For Dr Anthony Fauci, who is one of the nation’s leading immunologists: “When people are ready to get vaccinated, we’re going to move right on to the next level, so that there are not vaccine doses that are sitting in a freezer or refrigerator where they could be getting into people’s arm.” – With The Guardian reports


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