Why Tinubu Will Find It Difficult To Canvass For Vote In 2027 – APC Chieftain


A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Garus Gololo has said that he is concern over what the Party, particularly President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will tell Nigerians in 2027 having deviated from their programmes and pro-people’s policies.

Gololo pointedly said that he is convinced that Nigerians will not give the APC any chance again, stressing that Tinubu has failed to live up to his ‘Renewed Hope’ promise to the people in addition to the fact the Administration is so insensitive to the plight of Nigerians.

He particularly noted that the federal government’s tariff and tax increase economic policies of the President Tinubu-led administration are clear trappings of capitalism tailored to deliberately impoverish Nigerians.

He further said while the President told Nigerians about ‘Renewed Hope’, he only succeeded in dashing hopes with the increase in the pump price of fuel that he jacked up from N180 to N640 which therefore translated the ‘Renewed Hope’ to ‘Zero hop’.

Gololo, a former military officer turned politician, lamented the prevailing economic hardship arising from government’s ill-conceived policies which he noted have affected all sectors of the economy thereby reduced the purchasing power of the people that are now finding it extremely difficult to afford a meal per day.

He also accused President Tinubu of running a ‘Lagos-boys’ government as if it was only Lagos that voted for him, adding that whereas, the opposite was the case.

In his words; “Does it mean only Lagos voted for him, where he lost woefully to the Labour Party? So you can see the one sided game.
“From the time we returned to democracy in 1999, let me just take it from Obasanjo, before he became president, a bag of guinea corn and Maize was N300, it increased to N500 and later to N1500. After Obasanjo, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who was ready for the masses, he did not stay long if not God would have used him to liberate us from where we are today.
“When Yar’Adua came on board, he returned the price to N1000. After Jonathan took over, the price went up to N2500 and later N5000. When Buhari took over, it moved from N5000 to N15000. Before the end of Buhari’s tenure it was N25000. As I speak it has moved from N25000 to N75000.

“Rice N80000, sugar that we used to buy and give out during fasting, this year, I could not give anybody sugar because sugar is N80000 per bag. If you go to many shops today you cannot see sugar to buy.
Gololo said the masses of Nigeria would no longer accept the Muslim-Muslim ticket which was a religious colouration they are only using for their families as shown in appointments that are skewed in favour of select few.

According to him; “Buhari gave appointments to Northerners from different States but in Tinubu’s case they are from only Lagos State. He did not appoint people from Ogun State, Ondo State, Osun but only Lagos. So, it is a Lagos boys affair and people who served him as commissioners in Lagos almost all of them were appointed including the present MD for NIMASA, he served him as Commissioner.

“So there is a bloated cabinet of 45 ministers doing nothing. All key positions where money is, he put Lagos boys. His government has become a Lagos show,” he stressed.

Gololo particularly kicked against the federal government’s Student Loan programme, saying that a lot of Nigerian students will not benefit from it as the money will end up being siphoned.

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