You Cannot Love Me And Hate My Boss. It Just Can’t Work



A few days ago, I realised I have hit the mark in the performance of my function as the image maker and mouthpiece of His Excellency, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia  of Benue State.

I was so excited and remained in a state of fulfillment when I saw all manner of soldiers of the allied forces against my principal and development in the state aiming all their arsenals on my person by taking to the cyberspace with unwarranted malicious falsehood, invectives, and insults against me.

For those who don’t know, there is no way the opposition and enemies of progress will praise a good image maker. There is no miracle a consummate and daring spokesperson who holds no bare all the time will perform that traducers of his principal will be in bed with him.

Therefore, when I noticed that the lame dogs of the opposition and those disgruntled in the home front were out on the orders of their patrons to run me down, and even call for my head, I nodded in the style of agama lizard, “I am doing a great job”.

Know this today and have peace. My principal and I are the same. My job is to protect his image the same way a Body Guard should protect any physical attack on his boss. So, the day I accepted the responsibility, I knew I had thrown myself to wade off such attacks and there is no way I will be spared.

My brethren and friends, I am in the seat. I am fully in the spirit. You can continue pushing out to the cyberspace those concoctions and malicious attacks of all kinds. I shall never be distracted. I am focused. Not only that, but I have been hired for this job and I am ready for it.

Furthermore, I am also fulfilled that by my “hold no bare” approach, some agents of underdevelopment resort to hiring ready tools to go for my jugular. By this, I have created jobs and, as such, feeding families.

I am a happy man.

May the spirit of God be with you all.

…Sir Tersoo Kula is the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State.

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