Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson

BY VICTOR BUORO, ABUJA – The All Proressives Congress (APC), on Tuesday took a critical look at the outcome of the Governorship election in Bayelsa State, declaring that Governor Seriake Dickson failed woefully on all fronts.

The APC also said that Dickson failed the people of Bayelsa, who are daily faced with the reality of underdevelopment.

The ruling Party which stated these following what it called “the resounding victory its governorship candidate, David Lyon recorded” in the November 16, Bayelsa Governorship election, said that outgoing Governor Seriake Dickson has blamed everyone, including public institutions, but himself for the loss of the PDP and his governorship candidate he tried unsuccessfully to foist on the state.

The EPC said if Governor Dickson should stand before the mirror, he would see a clown, a prodigal son, and a failure, all rolled into one.

The APC said; “We know he cannot do that. Shame would not allow him to carry out self-evaluation. 

He should sit down to ask himself critical questions: How did he waste the opportunity he had to become a hero in a state that badly needs one?

“A state with the 4th highest federal allocation among 36 states; benefitting from huge oil derivation funds; ranked 27th among 36 states in terms of landmass; least populated of the 36 states, yet has nothing to show for it.”

The APC in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Lanre Issa-Onilu, said that Governor Dickson should be accounting for his stewardship, adding that he should account for how his oversized ego cost him and PDP the governorship election in Bayelsa State.

Issa-Onilu further said; “Governor Dickson, for eight years, did what a typical PDP governor would do: He ran a directionless government, he squandered the state resources, and had no traceable positive impact on Bayelsa State. 

“Rather than sounding ridiculous in an attempt to look for a scapegoat by blaming everyone else besides himself, Governor Dickson should explain how he singlehandedly chased away other PDP leaders.” 

Issa-Onilu said that the APC did not need to intimidate the voters or arm-twist the agencies involved in the electoral process in Bayelsa State, adding that besides the fact that it is not its way, the Party actually had an easy victory in Bayelsa. He further said; “Thanks to Governor Dickson himself for making victory easy for us. There are no roads, no schools, no hospitals, and no visible improvement on their social life. 

“On Monday, it was disclosed by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), that the inoperative and non functional N60 billion Bayelsa International Airport which Governor Dickson “launched” in February was constructed without perimeter fencing, the number one safety requirement for any airport.

“Surprisingly, Governor Dickson still wonders why the PDP lost the Bayelsa Governorship election.” 


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