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Iloegbu Stephanie is a promising blogger and fashionista. She is a graduate of Economics from Imo State University and currently reading her master’s degree at the University of Abuja. In this interview, she talks about her motivation and her desire to be a top-notch blogger, among other issues

What inspired you to go into blogging?
Well, I love gist, news and when am online I see people’s write-ups and I said to myself, I can actually do this and do it better. Since I learnt how to design a website, it won’t be a bad idea if I express myself in a blog. That was how I came up with blogging; it just happened by accident and I love it.

How long have you been into blogging?
I have been blogging since 2014. I then stopped to restructure, which am done now. I now blog at:

Any plan towards affecting the lives of youths around?
I have plans. Well, I will just say, it’s a work-in-progress, but I always conduct some training for those who want to learn blogging. Sometimes monthly, and any other time. So if anybody is interested in learning, just send a mail to and I will respond.

Can we share in some of the secrets that helps you in blogging?
What really helped me is the fact that I publish real stories, and this is possibly because I get the stories mostly from direct source. So, that gave me the strength that keeps me going.

How is your blog different and how do you manage the blogging time?
My new style of blogging is different from every other blog on the internet. Despite the fact that I am schooling and also doing some other stuffs like my upcoming project – like I will also say what is worth doing is worth doing well – I create time for everything.

What do you consider as your greatest failure” Did you learn anything from that?
I won’t say they were no failures, but they were challenges to me and I learnt a lot.

Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?
My family. They are my number one supporters. I remember my dad would call me on the phone and start to discuss some stories I posted on my blog. When I don’t post, he calls and says, ‘hey what’s going on, no news today’? I would reply him saying I had some issues on my site, and he would say ok fix that quick. That really inspired me. And, in a way, knowing that you have people waiting to read from you every day also gives me the morale to keep on. And my siblings impacted a lot in my blogging journey. I am also grateful to God and my friends for their support and advice.

What is your spare time like?
…well as a blogger, do I really have a spare time? You know we have to keep up up-to-date. Okay let’s say shopping. I like to go for shopping anytime I am free.

Where would you like to be in blogging, five years from now?
I would like to be in that place where people will have to go to my blog to get a gist or clarify some news, and if they don’t see it on my blog, then is no news. Blogging is part of me. I want to be a blogger to be reckoned with. Like, people would believe in my news to the extent that if it is not on my blog, then is a rumor.

The latest on your pet project: ‘Stop the Violence on Women and Girls’?
My pet project is coming up soon. It is for the ladies or women who have or had faced violence and those that are still facing violence due to one reason or the other. I don’t see any reason why a man should beat up a lady for what so ever reason. So my pet project will involve a lot. However, most times the women cause the reason why we face violence because you would see a woman who is not working or doing anything sleeping all day. So I will be involving a lot of indigenous women in my pet project by the grace of God.

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