For all the concerns and noise about coronavirus pandemic and its debilitating global health hazards, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known by his stage name, D’banj may have shocked many with his twits on the obvious lack of shows and dryness in the entertainment industry.

At a time when discussions are centred on dissecting impact of the forced ‘holiday’ and calling out government for not making provisions for Nigerians to mitigate the sufferings arising from CONVID-19 lockdown, the television personality seems more focused on the big hole which the pandemic has so far left his pockets and that of colleagues.

Many of his fans and followers think the Singer may have given away this self-preservation instinct on his Twitter handle while commenting on the current lockdown and its attendant adverse economic effects on business.

The perception that D’banj seems to have his mind fixed only on his pocket and possible losses being incurred by the unexpected leave is obviously attracting fired-up reactions in the social media.

One of such caustic reactions ran thus: “It’s now a surprise reading his tweets about how the epidemic of Corona virus will affect Creative Industry; and how the 14 days lockdown will disturb the industry from getting shows. When people are dying here and there and others are running helter-skelter over Coronavirus, all D’banj could complain about is shows. It beats one hollow to hear such from a celebrity and a popular one.”

Below is the controversial twit by the popular songwriter, rapper, and entrepreneur that is currently generating heat in the social media 


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