Finally, Benue Has Found A Governor Ordained By God


 “Governor Hyacinth Alia has persistently thwarted opposition and adversaries attempting to impede Benue’s progress. The just thing to do is to continue to stay aligned with the people, as they will stand by him, and are standing by him in the face of many foes”.


A Note for the Hired Netizens on Governor Alia’s One Year In Office.

The waiting period has ended. Just as it took 25 years for God’s covenant with Abraham to be fulfilled, making him the father of all nations, the people of Benue have endured 25 years of hardship since the return of democratic rule in Nigeria, awaiting God’s promise.

According to the book of Genesis, Abraham was 75 years old when he received the promise (Genesis 12:1-4), and 100 years old when Isaac was born (Genesis 21:5), meaning he and Sarah waited 25 years for promise fulfillment. Similarly, Benue State had to wait 25 years for a real governor to surface. This promise is today being fulfilled in His Excellency, Governor Hyacinth Iormem Alia.

Without the ability to foresee the future, I initially questioned his potential, character, and the experience needed to improve the state’s fortunes. My focus was on Senator Barnabas Andyar Gemade and Prof. Terhemba Shija. Yet, much like the story of David, God reminded me and the rest of us that His judgment differs from human judgment, as stated: “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).

When God sent Prophet Samuel to Bethlehem to anoint a king from among Jesse’s sons, David, who was ultimately chosen to reign over Israel, was presented last after God had rejected Jesse’s first seven sons. In a similar manner, Fr. Hyacinth Alia, who would later become the governor of Benue State, was the last to enter the Benue gubernatorial race.

Governor Hyacinth Alia’s journey to the governorship of Benue, much like David’s ascent to the throne, was marked by events that validated his legitimacy and leadership. Alia surmounted numerous hurdles to reach his position to power.

Biblical King David played a pivotal role in forging a strong national identity for the Israelites and setting the stage for a stable and cohesive state. Governor Hyacinth Alia’s inaugural year in office reflects his dedication to assisting Benue in shaping a firm identity and establishing the basis for a resilient, unified state, embodying qualities akin to a person with a heart aligned to God’s. When the righteous wield power, joy fills the populace, signaling that it’s time for Benue to rejoice instead of persevering in fear and neglect.

In just one year, Governor Hyacinth Alia aspires to enhance the status of our cities, and create environments conducive for habitation and governance activities, mirroring David’s transformation of Jerusalem into Israel’s political capital, thereby elevating its significance and centrality in governance.

In the past year, Governor Hyacinth Alia has not only stabilized pension disbursements for retirees but has also introduced a new practice by providing gratuities upon retirement, a previously unheard-of initiative for Benue retirees. Civil servants’ salaries are now paid promptly and reliably, with efforts underway to offset the arrears owed to them over the years. Under Governor Hyacinth Alia’s one-year leadership, Benue has transformed into a construction site with quality road projects underway across the 23 local government areas of the state. This undoubtedly signals a responsive leadership that Benue has long yearned for.

Despite his flaws, biblical David lived in accordance with God’s will and is often regarded as a role model, setting a standard for future kings of Israel. In the same vein, many hope that Governor Hyacinth Alia, with his seminary and clerical background, will live a life that endears him to both God and the people, setting a precedent for future governors of Benue State.

As Governor Hyacinth Alia concludes his first year in office, his tenure is seen positively, suggesting that his leadership may usher in a golden age for the people of Benue. This era is anticipated to be marked by rapid infrastructural development, political stability, and the security of citizens’ lives and properties.

Governor Hyacinth Alia has persistently thwarted opposition and adversaries attempting to impede Benue’s progress. The just thing to do is to continue to stay aligned with the people, as they will stand by him, and are standing by him in the face of many foes.

Governor Alia must keep his eyes on the ball while hired netizens and their sponsors look forward to extending the wavelength and threshold of their propaganda frequency.

So far, skeptics and naysayers are gradually and embarrassingly being astonished, realizing that this might indeed be the moment to transform Benue’s situation.

Iterum felix anniversarius ad gloriam Dei.

…Dr. Aondoakaa Asambe Ikyôgen, wrote from Ikyurav-Ya Kwande LGA


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