Group Salutes CNA Tambuwal, Cautions Blackmailers


BY SEGUN ADEBAYO – A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the Patriotic Youth Forum (PYF), has praised the Clerk to the National Assembly (CNA), Mr. Sani Magaji Tambuwal for his visionary leadership, describing it as not only “progressive, but also workers’ friendly and centered”.

A statement released on Monday by the PYF in Abuja, however warned against cheap blackmail by certain individuals and groups, noting that there are attempts by “some so-called civil society groups from distracting the CNA through blackmail and spurious allegations that are unfounded and misleading” in the performance of his duties.

According to the Forum’s National Coordinator, Otunba Bamidele Adigun, and National Organising Secretary, Musa Isah, since Tambuwal’s assumption of office as the CNA, there haste been “telling improvement in staff welfare and communication in the National Assembly bureaucracy.”

The statement further said; “It is a fact that since Mr. Sani Magaji Tambuwal’s emergence as the CNA in November, 2022 and his eventual confirmation in March this year, there have been marked improvement in staff welfare and communication with top management within the National Assembly bureaucracy.”

Additionally, the group said; “The payment of N3.7bn CON-PECULIAR and other outstanding entitlements within a few months in office and the upgrade of the NASS clinic with plans for the state-of-the-art equipment, easing the transportation needs of workers with eight new buses and effecting the payment of N35, 000 palliative grant, from September,2023 are few of the pragmatic leadership of Mr. Tambuwal this past one year in office.

“We wish to further state that,we have diligently followed his leadership and management style, it is gratifying to know and see that all outstanding workers welfare packages and entitlements are been cleared as well as increase in trainings and retraining for all cadres of staff in the NASS service.

“It is on this note and many more, we call on Mr. Tambuwal to remain focused, accountable and ignore mischief makers and those given to blackmail and trading in spurious allegations.”

In urging sincerity of purpose among citizens, especially stakeholders in the NASS, the statement said; “People should be guided by their conscience in all that they do so as not to impugn on the integrity and reputation of honest leaders, desirous for the right things to be done”

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