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BY ADEYEMI AKANJI, BAUCHI – Five days ago, precisely June 28, 2020, your favourite Forefront online News reported the case of a missing 20 year old 100 level Pharmacology student of the Bauchi State University, Gagau, whose name was given as Patience Emmanuel Kushi. Based on the story, it was even presumed that her abductors might have kidnap her for ritual purpose as negative response via text messages were received by her parents and her uncle’s wife.

The same story that sent jitters into the spines of readers, has taken a new twist as the missing young lady has said that the only option opened to her then was for her to feigned her kidnap just to escape from her uncle that shamelessly violated her rights by boldly raping her in his house even when his wife was within the vicinity of the house.

To give the story a stamp of authority, the Bauchi State Police Command on Thursday, confirmed that the 20-year old undergraduate, Patience Emmanuel Kushi, has been found in peace, having gone on self-isolation not for COVID-19, but just to escape and possibly recover from the psychological trauma inflicted on her psyche by no one else but her uncle, whom her father entrusted her with.

Patience, who was declared missing since June 24, 2020, told curious journalists that contrary to reports of the dummy she sold of her kidnap, she actually left her uncle’s house with a troubled and severe pains in her heart following her being violated and raped severally by her uncle she has being living with for about three years now.

The Police Public Relations Officer of the Bauchi State Command, DSP Ahmed Wakili, while confirming the incident, said that Patience’s uncle had been arrested and presently in Police custody. According to Wakili; “On the 30/06/2020, detectives attached to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the Bauchi State Command, acting on a tip-off, located Patience in Jos, Plateau state. Preliminary investigation reveals that Patience planned her fake abduction alert and decided to leave her uncle’s house owing to an unnatural act against her by the uncle one, Masoyi Ibrahim aged 51 of Rafin Zurfi, Bauchi.

“Consequently, she could not continue to withstand as she claimed. However, further details will be communicated when investigations are concluded,” the police spokesman said.

Giving her own account of the incident, the 100 level Pharmacology student tearfully recounted to journalists that her uncle whom she had been living with for about three years now, Emmanuel Masoyi attempted to rape her the second time.

In her words; “I warned him when he came to rape me for the second time, to leave me alone else, it’s either he kills me or I kill him and then, he left me alone. After this incident, I told my aunt, his wife, that I was going to my father’s house in Kafin Tafawa to pick up something. I boarded a Keke NAPEP and when I got to the junction to the house, I became unconscious and later found myself in Kari on Friday.

“I woke up (regained consciousness) and found myself lying down in a bush beside a hunter, who had found me and was waiting for me to wake up. I asked him where I was and he told me that I was in Kari in Darazo Local Government Area, along Bauchi-Potiskum road, about 130 kilometers from Bauchi metropolis.

Amidst tears and sobbing, Patience managed to continue her frightening and pathetic story; “He (hunter) gave me N2,000 for transport and I boarded a car to Azare which was closer to Kari than Bauchi to pick up some few clothes in our hostel in our Main Campus. I left Azare for Bauchi on Sunday afternoon, that was 28th June, and as soon as I got close to my uncle’s house, I remembered that the violation and molestation, so, I told the Keke NAPEP guy to turn back and take me to the park”.

Patience said that it was at the park that she boarded a vehicle going to Jos, Plateau State even though she did not know anybody there, adding that it was while on her way to Jos that she met a woman in the vehicle, who alighted at Terminus in Jos, and she also alighted with her.

According to her; “I then asked her (the woman) if she was resident in Jos and she said yes. So, I lied to her that I was stranded because my money had been stolen and I pleaded with her to allow me stay with her for the night pending when money will be sent to me.

“In the night, the woman noticed that I would go out to pick or make calls and she started suspecting that something was wrong. So, while I was sleeping, she took my phone and from there, she noticed some missed calls on my phone which I refused to pick or call back. She called the numbers and eventually spoke with my parents and told them that I was in her house in Jos,” she said.

Patience said that it was at that point that she had to open up and speak out that her uncle had raped her because the Policeman that went to Jos with her father and her uncle pressurized her to speak out.

While still sobbing, Patience said; “It was when my parents came to the woman’s house in Jos the next day with that same uncle of mine and some policemen that I told them that I ran away because my uncle had been molesting me sexually.

“We left Jos and came back to Bauchi and that was how my uncle was detained at the Police Headquarters and he is still there,” she enthused.

Asked when and how her uncle raped her, Patience tearfully recalled that it happened about two weeks ago while she was sleeping in her room in his house in Rafin Zurfi.

According to her; “That fateful day, he came to my room around 11 o’clock in the morning and locked the door and forcefully slept with me. His wife was sitting outside the house and she had sent her son to the ATM.

“I tried to shout but nobody heard me and I even hit him but that did not stop him as he had his way with me. When his wife asked what had happened to his shoulder, he lied to her that he carried a heavy load that affected him.

“Throughout that day, I kept crying but I could not tell anyone about what happened because I felt nobody will believe me,” Patience said.


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