BY SEGUN ADEBAYO – The Kwara State High Court’s engineered reconciliatory meeting between the State government and the late Dr Olusola Saraki’s family on the demolished Ile Arugbo may have temporarily hit a brick wall.

Worrying signals as at Tuesday, February 11, 2020 indicated that ongoing engagement between representatives of the State government and Asa Investment Ltd was yet to produce any concrete resolution on the issues at stake.

Interestingly, the meeting, which commenced at about 4:48pm, was called off around 5:48pm without any specific adjourned date taken by the contending parties.

Speaking with media men after the one hour meeting, counsel to Asa Investment Ltd, Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, disclosed that both sides unfortunately failed to make the expected headway on issues in contention.

According to him, “Today is the second time we are meeting on this issue of settlement out of court, but up till now we have not been able to agree on definite terms.

“We have adjourned for us to meet again and see if we can iron out the proposed terms of settlement and counter proposed terms of settlement.”

Ibrahim, who could not hide the Saraki’s team frustration at the slow pace of negotiation, said; “That’s where we are now. We hope to meet again before the time the case was adjourned. No date yet. We adjourned indefinitely.”

On their part however, representatives of the State government’s team were not forthcoming on the position of things at the end of Tuesday’s meeting, preferring to keep sealed lips on the matter.


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