BY AHMED TUKUR, LAFIA – Rural women in Nasarawa state, have expressed satisfaction with the services being rendered by the Primary Health Care in the state through the intervention of the Bill and Melinda Gate foundation.
One of the women, Mrs Deborah Elisha, who took her child for immunization at the Wulko Village Primary Health Clinic in Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area, said the services being rendered at the clinic has improved tremendously, adding that availability of drugs has increased while patients – clinic relations has improved with quality services.
Elisha said that the story of shortage of drugs has disappeared while equipment for anti-natal and family planning have been increased.
According to her; “The members of staff are very friendly these days, and quality of services has improved. Before now, you have to wait for them to go and buy drugs but now, it is available while the number of staffs has also increased.
“I have been coming to this clinic for the past four years but now the services are better. That is why you see me coming here for immunization with my child.”

Another patient Janet Awayi, who visited the clinic for Anti-Natal, said that she has stopped going to Akwanga General Hospital since the Clinic started offering 24 hour services.
Awayi said she now visit the clinic on weekly bases for Anti-Natal services while calling on the government to increase the size of the physical structure of the clinic to accommodate more patients.
The head of the Clinic, Mrs patricia Benjamin said the number of patients visiting the facility has increased by over hundred percent while drugs are now stocked in the hospital.
Benjamin also said that the clinic has a drug revolving scheme that assist the facility increase services to patients and also deliver other essential services to patients.
She said; “After the intervention by Bill and Melinda gate the number of patients accessing our facility has increased at the out-patient department from 40 to 100.
“Women accessing Anti-Natal care has increased because before we do Anti-Natal on monthly bases but presently, we are doing Anti-Natal on weekly bases.
“Through the assistance of Bill Gate, we have increase our staff to offer services.”
A visit to the clinic by our correspondent, showed that the clinic doesn’t have a medical doctor but a chief health officer (CHO), who attends to patients.
A look at the facility also shows that Anti-Natal section has been renovated while drugs are stock for patients just as the bore hole servicing the clinic is now functional.
At the outpatient department, patients were seen waiting to be attended to by a health personnel.
A stakeholder in the village, Mr. James Manger, said that it was after the intervention of Bill and Melinda Foundation that enable more patients to have access to the clinic especially women and children.


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