Jos Wild Life Gorilla Still On The Run


BY CHAMBERLAIN ODEY, JOS – Management and staff of the Jos Wild Life Park may be heading for a sleepless night after all-day anxious moments as a gorilla that escaped from the Park Sunday night is still on the run.

The gorilla, which broke free from its contenders last night, ran into a makeshift apartment of a soldier attached to Operation Safe Haven ( JTF), whose security check point is nearby the Park. The beast was said to have engaged the soldier occupant in an unprovoked fight, before abandoning the fight to escape further into uncertainty within the unfenced borders of the Park.

It was gathered that in the course of Monday, the rebellious gorilla remained around the settlement tents of the soldiers, and maintained its combative posture, as it engaged another officer soldier who earlier had disputed the narrative of the animal’s first round fight with his junior colleague.

At about 3pm, although the authorities locked the gates of the Park against anxious press men, insider sources confirmed that it was a watching match between the staff of the Park and the gorilla that stayed several metres off, akimbo, but within the Park space.

But uncertainty remains and danger looms. This reality is not lost on the staff, and, of course, the STF soldiers providing security around the extensive neighborhood, as the capricious escapee may declare an all-comers fight to make good its final escape.

As dusk sets in, it was learnt that the soldiers have risen to duty, stuck to their guns, suggesting that if both efforts and common sense deployed to broker peace and recover and return the gorilla to safety, to save lives and property, the gorilla may be brought down to end a guerrilla warfare.

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