Neighbour Stabs 20-Year-Old Man In Kano Over Street Football

The victim, Yusuf Muhammad, with his family members at the hospital

BY OUR CORRESPONDENT – For allegedly defacing the frontage of his neighbour’s house, a 20-year-old man, Yusuf Muhammad, has been stabbed and is now recovering from a deep neck injury at an unnamed hospital in Kano State.

Reports said Yusuf went into a coma following that attack by his neighbour, one Hassan Waziri Wanzami, in the Dan Rimi area of Fagge Local Government Area of Kano State.

According to the reports, Waziri Wanzami, a local barber, met Yusuf and his friends playing football in the neighbourhood and moved to stop them, alleging that they were spoiling the frontage of his house.

After the young men moved to the next street to continue playing their football, Wanzami was still furious that they did not entirely quit the area.

One of the victim’s friend while recounting the events that led to the attack told some reporters that “Not satisfied with their relocation to a nearby street, Wanzami still came after them with a knife and in the process stabbed Muhammad on the neck.”

However, quick intervention came from some residents in the neighbourhood before Wanzami could wreak further havoc with the knife.

Also speaking on the unfortunate occurrence, Yusuf’s mother, Rabi, said; “I was at home around 11am when they brought him (victim) with blood all over his body. I asked him who did that to him and he said it’s Mallam Wanzami.

“I further enquired what he did to him and he said nothing. But since he was still bleeding, we had to quickly rush him to the hospital for urgent medical attention”.

The victim’s mother further disclosed that what could have been a tragic outcome from the stabbing incident was averted as “Some elders in the area had to intervene after Yusuf’s friends and other concerned people started coming out with sticks and knives to attack Mallam Hassan.

“With the Elders calming the tensed situation, the police were called and they came to take him (Wanzami) away”.

Contacted to comment on the unfortunate incident, the Police Public Relations Officer in Kano, Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, said the Command is currently investigating the matter.

The Police Spokesperson assured that an official statement will be issued when investigation is concluded.

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