BY CHAMBERLAIN ODEY, JOS – The Plateau State Peace Building Agency has joined the rest of the world to observe today as the World peace Day.
In a statement issued in Jos on Friday, the Agency said it shares this special day with rest of the world, adding however that it does so with mixed feelings about the ugly experiences the state has passed through in recent times, including killings, violent conflicts, maiming, displacement of persons, and miserable human conditions that the victims have had to grapple with as a result of these.
The statement which was signed by the Director General of the Agency, Joseph Lengman, noted that “while the international Day of Peace is usually a day of celebration for our peace builders, peacemakers, and peace practitioners worldwide, for us at the Peace Building Agency, we choose to reflect on our efforts to repair broken relationships, mend broken fences, and stitch the fabric of peace”.
Declaring the Agency’s hand of fellowship, the statement further said; “we must thank the peace-loving people of Plateau State for the support we have received in this regard. We are full of gratitude for the encouragement we have received from all those who support our work, and see the peace building agency as an extension of what Plateau stands for – the Home of peace and tourism”.
“We also thank our thank our local and international partners who have stood by us – lending both technical and material support, not to mention your invaluable contributions to de-escalating tension and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between conflict parties”
The Agency said it hopes that “our united efforts will further consolidate our gains on peace, and prevent any loopholes that may be exploited by enemies of peace.
“The fact that war mongers and peace spoilers continue to threaten and undermine our work by exposing our inadequacies and suppressing our virtues is proof that there are results from our efforts. It is our resolve to brace all resistance, sabotage, and subterfuge to broker peace and understanding”, the statement added.
The theme of this year’s celebration is “the right to peace”.


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