Sanusi Lamido Sanusi: Never A Good Man Both In Character And Speeches


“…they will call in the dollar mallams who receive the dollars with their own price tag. This they do without minding how it hurts the common man. They get fat drinking the blood of the sufferers and no wonder we are now where we are”.


I saw the theatrical shedding of tears of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on television over the death of his co traveller, Herbert Wigwes and I couldn’t help but laugh so much. He talked about how Wigwe on hearing when he was dethroned as Emir of Kano, arranged a chartered plane to airlift him and his family to Lagos and into already paid five star hotel rooms. And that this move by Wigwe saved him from going into exile in Nasarawa State. But what he didn’t tell us is the amount of money exchanging hands between him and his dubious and corrupt partners in crime in the banking industry.

This man called Sanusi Lamido Sanusi appears very gentle and seem to radiate good principles and positive norms. But, he is quite the opposite of that in practice. I have had reason to listen to this Islamic University graduate severally and I must confess he is got the power of stage speech. He has got big liver you would say because he lacks stage fright and has the ability to convince his listeners on some merits of government’s policies and the need to obey them.

Sometimes he pushes for people to accept and drive his personal ideas which he backs with stupendous impressions. With all these accolades said, this man has a very dark cupboard hidden with bigger structured skeletons that have consumed Nigeria as a whole. It is said that a man’s words means nothing if he cannot back it up with actions. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s case is such that he just can’t support his laudable speeches with laudable actions.

In January 2012, Sanusi then as Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, committed the highest fraud in the banking industry by forcing Intercontinental Bank to be acquired by then very small Access Bank. In December 2018, Access Bank again acquired another bigger bank than them which is Diamond Bank. Both banks acquired were termed distressed and were going down. And I ask, how could Intercontinental Bank for example that has over 400b in liquidity and assets be bought over by Access Bank with less that 30b at that time? Is it not supposed to be the other way round?

I call Sanusi and Herbert’s Wigwes relationship a criminal one. Sanusi empowered Wigwe, Elumelu, Jim Ovia etc. In fact he criminalized banking in Nigeria. For those who don’t know, it is on record that Herbert Wigwes Access Bank which was not up to 20% in operating capital compared to Intercontinental Bank was allowed to take over Intercontinental Bank. Sanusi adjudged Intercontinental Bank distressed and forced a takeover by Wigwe’s Access Bank. Summary is that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi brought criminality into banking in Nigeria and today’s economic failures are as a result of the nefarious activities of these criminal banks.

One doesn’t need to look far to see how large these guys are money wise. The inability of Nigerians to live better lives is due to the wickedness existing between government and the banking industry. Forex and other unexplainable taxation on the poor masses and running dual exchange rates between government and the banks. This unholy relationship between the two has imploded Nigeria’s economy to irreparable state.

Sanusi must be held responsible for contributing to this massive failure of our nation through illegal and despicable mergers and acquisitions where smaller banks swallowed much bigger banks. What factory does Wigwe have to enable him have all this accolades and all the stupendous wealth flaunt all over the place including 10b naira personal house at Ikoyi and Wigwe University?

Hmmm, lots of young Nigerians destinies are tied to this corrupt gang of deceivers and kleptomaniacs who have murdered their future permanently. And it remains worrisome when some people praise these unpatriotic idiots.

Let it be known by all Nigerians that the crazy dollar rise against the Naira is as a result this type of roguish activities where bank top officials determine how much dollar is sold at black market. They receive dollar from CBN at the rate of 700 naira which are meant to be sold to those in need at the banks. But never, they will call in the dollar mallams who receive the dollars with their own price tag. This they do without minding how it hurts the common man. They get fat drinking the blood of the sufferers and no wonder we are now where we are.

Rest in peace Herbert Wigwe. I remember meeting you in the mid 90s at the Access Bank, Olu Obasanjo Road, GRA, Port Harcourt. You looked well-trimmed and resourceful. We could not continue to be friends because of our different ideas about success and friendship. Today, you have departed this world unannounced with the destinies of numerous Nigerians. How I wished your successful tenure on earth was different. Rest on though.

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