Senator Anyim: The Man Of Courage That Will Salvage Nigeria



Living above the rhetoric of claims of flashy economic metrics, bricks and mortars, amid testimonies of restricted achievements within the perimeters of just a state government, Nigerians are now beginning to ask for a presidential candidate who possesses courage…, who has got records of areas where he had intervened to unify and rescue Nigeria in the past.

The ‘courage’ that Nigerians seek is not the courage to cause political squabbles or elicit a national unrest in the system, but a courage buoyed by humility, bravery, love and sacrifice for Nigeria. A courage that comes owing to the size of Nigeria. A courage that inclines to unify and build Nigeria. A courage that asserts the gallantry and candour to handle the Nigeria’s defence and treasury.

A courage to take calculated risks, invest and expand resources, and not becoming a mere unambitious hoarder. A courage to fight insurgency and corruption in Nigeria.

Yes, courage is the latest clamour and demand; that the next president of Nigeria should have courage to initiate, coordinate and implement policies.

From the PDP presidential aspirants thus far, it will not take a long haul to discover those that can project courage among these great distinguished Nigerians. But aspirants who have national experience and exposure in their kitties are not many.

Thus far, we have examined all aspirants both in the PDP and APC, suffice to recommend that Senator Anyim Pius Anyim qualifies most for this emerging demand, having served as head and chairman of Nigerian National Assembly, and as head of Administration and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Federal Republic of Nigeria. Also, Senator Anyim is an astute legal luminary. He is an embodiment of the three arms of government.

Yes, foremost among others is Senator Anyim. He has displayed national courage and bravery in the past. For instance, in the year 2000, when the Nigerian Senate was radiating shows of mess and mockery; when the Executive Arm of Government was in a hurry to bury and make the Legislative Arm of Government as its appendage, by lacing out banana peels and causing disaffection, uproar and disunity in the National Assembly, it took the timely and brave intervention of Senator Anyim to restore peace and order to the National Assembly, thereby saving Nigeria from ridicule in the eye of the world.

No doubt the unholy meddling into the affairs of the Nigerian Senate was a threat to the unity of Nigeria. But Senator Anyim was courageous and brave. He stopped it and rescued Nigeria.

Again, the exceptional courage that Nigerians have set to advance by electing Senator Ayim in 2023 is not the usual courage that buds from the aged deception that is only the retired military men that have courage; courage that arises from stern rigidity and pure brigandage. This belief obviously has imperilled and made Nigeria to crawl.

This mindset has failed us, as Nigeria has continued to lag in having courage and patriotism to implement strategic policies, demands and outstanding recommendations of different past panels, commissions and committees.

After all, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua (late), who suppressed the insurrection in Nigerian Niger-Delta by offering amnesty to the militants, was not a military man. The courage that we preach is a courage that is an offshoot of a detailed mental dexterity rooted in stately carriage and tact. All these qualities are evident in the person of Senator Anyim. Now, Nigerians are about to build institutions and no more strong men. Never again.

Yes, the courage Nigerians desire takes sound mind, agility and good health. Now, who and who among the presidential aspirants have not been moving round to canvass for delegate votes and support? Who are the aspirants whose campaigns and consultations are being led by proxies, while Senator Anyim has traversed the entire corners of Nigeria? Hope no aspirant is yet comatose.

Senator Anyim at 61 is hale and hearty. There is energy to exert and implement courage, forthrightness and discipline in Nigeria. Senator Anyim has got the energy and vigour.

As an experienced leader of the National Assembly, Senator Anyim has learnt the art of leadership that will enable him to unify Nigeria. National Assembly is a miniature of Nigeria, by implication, Senator Anyim has mastered the skills and gained the courage to address our different national idiosyncrasies, quests and peculiarities.

Senator Anyim is in tune with the different yearnings of diverse nationalities in Nigeria. Anyim by the standpoint of his political experience is most qualified, especially, among his southern contemporaries. PDP fielding Senator Ayim is in apt response to this latest call for courage. Nigerians want Anyim in 2023.

Again, in January 2010, when the Nigerian presidency became besieged in a hostile uncertainty and a threat of a break-up coming to the fore, it took the brave intervention of Senator Anyim to rescue Nigeria. Yes, Anyim had mobilised a delegation of 41 eminent Nigerians that called on, now late, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, to urgently transmit a letter of his incapacitation to National Assembly in order to salvage our democracy from ruin. More than other aspirants, Senator Anyim is a nationalist, and chiefly, a detribalised leader. North and South are well at home with Senator Anyim.

Yes, no doubt, PDP is set to throw up a competent candidate to fly the party’s flag in 2023. This has become very feasible and judicious owing to the vast array of qualified and solid aspirants who have thrown their hats in the ring to contest.

This, not withstanding, we will continue to x-ray party leaders who have offered themselves to be critiqued and appraised, and where possible, to approve, support and present to party leaders, delegates, and the public, for onward endorsement as we match to PDP convention.

For now, and among these great compatriots and well endowered personalities in this presidential race, no one has reached the towering and unassailable bespoke qualities of Senator Anyim Pius Anyim. Let us vote Senator Anyim. He is a man of great courage and bravery.

…Ibrahim Rahman is a political analyst is based in Abuja

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