Nigeria is Collapsing, Everybody Now Suspicious – Bauchi Catholic Bishop Says 


…Says, there’s still hope if we act collectively 

BY ADEYEMI AKANJI, BAUCHI – The Catholic Bishop of Bauchi Catholic Diocese, Most Rev Hillary N Dachelem has said that considering the spate of insecurity across the country, it is clear that Nigeria is sick and gradually collapsing.

Bishop Dachelem, who spoke to some journalists in his office on Wednesday, noted that this is not the Nigeria of the dream of his generation.

In his words; “Certainly, this is not the Nigeria we used to know. We are seeing and facing a different Nigeria. The Nigeria we used to know was better Nigeria, not that there were no crimes but it was minimal, it was not in an alarming rate as we have now”.

The Clergy further said; “There were only pockets of crimes, the issues then were not overwhelming. Those into crime and criminality at the time were very insignificant compared to the number we have now. “Majority of us are now criminals, I am not exonerating myself. A lot of things have changed, this can be picked from different spheres of life so that we can analyze”.

“If you look at the area of security, not that there were no armed robbery then, you can go to anywhere in this country without any fear or hesitation, though we have some pockets of issues relating to armed robbery but they were not as prevalent as they are today.

“It so bad now that even a Governor is afraid of traveling by road. A Governor was attacked by bandits despite all the paraphernalia of office at his disposal, he is also suffering from attack. If we do not do something urgent, then, we are heading for doom.

“A lot of factors are responsible for getting us to where we are now. Generally, both leaders and the led are responsible for how we got to the point at which we are now, though I will say 60% of the fault goes to the leadership. First, let me confidently say that the leadership then secondly laissez Faire of the leadership,” he said.

Bishop Dachelem noted that almost every aspect of the country has collapsed thereby making every Nigerian to remain suspect of what will happen next.

He pointedly said that the government has failed Nigerians in every ramifications, stressing that something has to be done urgently to save the situation.

Dachelem condemned in strong terms, the spate of kidnappings and armed banditry across the country, saying that it is becoming one too many, thus must be checked before “we all wake up and find ourselves kidnapped”.

He however blamed the social vices on unemployment and joblessness of the youth which he said the government must address quickly in order to salvage the situation.

The Bishop expressed optimism that things can get back better and normal if the right steps are taken by the government saying; “it is not too late to act now, we can still get it right if we collectively work together”.

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