There are so many elders on this platform who know our big brother, Femi Adesina. They should tell him (Femi) that journalism is different from reputation management.

They should advise him that replying editors and columnists in the manner he just did to Shaka Momodu is the discredited strategy of Joseph Goebbels, that notorious German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945…Goebbels strategy paper used by ‘militricians’ before 1999 didn’t work. 

Reputation management is now a conversation within public relations context. Let our big brother do more of quiet, constructive engagement with editors and writers.

He should not engage in combative responses to articles against his principal. 

We will still meet the morning after leaving office in 2023. There is a time for everything…This kind of missile has no place in a democratic society. All told, reputation management is now a conversation in marketing communication modules.

I hope our elders here who know him will tell our brother (Femi) before it is too late! 


…Martins Oloja, An ‘apostle is hope’ who wrote in from Ajagba, Irele LG in Ondo State…


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