The Puerile Reconciliation Demand On Gov. Alia By Some NASS Members


“when did this group come to realize the high unemployment and poverty prevailing in the state, despite the absence of open employment in the state civil service for the past 16 years, during which some of their members held significant roles in our state’s governance?” 


We came across a kindergarten 11-point stance credited to some Tiv-speaking National Assembly members penned by their media minion, Dan Morgan Ihomum and published on his Facebook page.

Our interest was particularly piqued by item number 7, wherein he unsuccessfully tried to rubbish Governor Hyacinth Alia’s unprecedented capital projects across the state, as not only unnecessary, but diversionary.

For the sake of hindsight, we shall reproduce the said item number 7: “The Governor must prioritize the welfare of the people to reduce the high unemployment and poverty rate through massive agricultural development and empowerment rather than unnecessary capital projects”.

We wish to saliently observe the following:

  1. Anyone who is genuinely concerned about the development of the state will scrutinize the administration of Governor Hyacinth Alia and can affirm that it has consistently prioritized the welfare of the people of Benue State as evidenced by the government’s people-centric programmes.
  2. Alia’s administration has showcased an unequalled commitment to addressing unemployment. In less than a year, the government has transparently recruited over 400 personnel for the Benue State University Teaching Hospital Makurdi, marking an unprecedented achievement since the final return of democracy to Nigeria in 1999. This significant initiative inspires hope in the unemployed populace, indicating that similar efforts in other sectors could potentially reduce considerable unemployment, fostering meaningful and decent employment opportunities.
  3. The current administration has shown pragmatic initiatives in reducing poverty through agriculture, exemplified by the swift provision of subsidized fertilizer to farmers within two months of taking office. There is optimism that these interventions will continue in the future, possibly with new innovations in the agricultural sector. The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an indigenous company for fertilizer production underscores the potential for sustainable fertilizer supply and food production.
  4. The said NASS members strayed from the point in the final portion of item number 7, which suggests prioritizing capital projects by the Alia-led administration as unnecessary. This statement is asinine and immodest, revealing their lack of concern for the state’s welfare. It underscores the excessive politicization and animosity, contradicting the spirit of reconciliation advocated by the Tor Tiv, His Royal Majesty Prof. James Ortese Iorzua Ayatse.
  5. Rev. Fr. Alia’s government has put the people ahead of politics. It is the people first and politics last. This is clear in the prompt payment of salaries and pensions to senior citizens which has fostered a big boost in the state’s economy as money now trickles to the common man.
  6. The priority given to healthcare as seen in the rapid transformation at the Teaching Hospital. The resuscitation of the Benue State University Teaching Hospital and the refurbished Muhammadu Buhari Mother and Child Hospital where antenatal is free of charge and delivery is barely ₦5,000.
  7. We wish to state that any endeavour aimed at enhancing Benue’s infrastructure should be commended by those who sincerely care about the state’s progress and development, considering Benue’s current deficit in infrastructure and not the rabble-rousing antics credited to some aggrieved members of the National Assembly.
  8. At present, it’s crucial for the people of Benue to closely examine every statement coming from their representatives in Abuja. Many are simply rent-seekers who are out to divert the Governor’s attention from essential capital projects aimed at bringing Benue at par with other states in the federation.
  9. It is unfortunate to observe that the stakeholders’ sanctimonious stance and their grandstanding in the dispute between the Governor and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) might simply be a plot to discredit the Governor and portray him as disconnected from the people. This kind of elite conspiracy ought to be condemned as it will only harm Benue’s interests in the long run.
  10. This group is hereby put on notice that, Alia’s vision backed by the mass of the people will remain steadfast and will not succumb to any deceptive schemes.
  11. Alia remains resolute and unwavering in his determination to improve on the state’s deplorable infrastructure by executing more capital projects.
  12. By the way, when did this group come to realize the high unemployment and poverty prevailing in the state, despite the absence of open employment in the state civil service for the past 16 years, during which some of their members held significant roles in our state’s governance?
  13. Have they conveniently forgotten that one of them played a pivotal role when numerous unemployed youths were terminated from their positions in the civil service and many others were surreptitiously removed from the system as ghost workers?
  14. Not too long ago, the new helmsman at Nigeria Shippers’ Council, Barr. Pius Akutah sacked about 13 Benue indigenes that were employed by another Tivman, Barr. Emmanuel Jime. Yet, this group speaking about unemployment padlocked their lips. Now, these are the same National Assembly members whose very constituents were sent back on the street that are pretentiously talking about unemployment.
  15. At this juncture, it’s crucial to assert firmly that the Benue community has fully embraced Governor Hyacinth Alia’s agenda for restoration and their determination remains unwavering in support of his leadership. We urge the “stakeholders” and their lackeys to key into the new order introduced by Governor Hyacinth Alia for a greater and prosperous Benue.

…Sir Tersoo Kula is the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State.

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