Expert Challenges Nigerians On Modern Building Codes


BY COBHAM NSA, ABUJA – A building professional and President, Nigeria National Council of the International Code Council (NCC-ICC), Dr Maurice Ngwaba has challenged Nigerians to embrace modern building codes for safety and security in the nation’s building industry.

Ngwaba said adherence to modern building codes will ensure that properties developed in the country are properly built and standardized to support healthy living by all.

Speaking on the sidelines of a two-day education seminar by the NCC-ICC in Abuja, Ngwaba said observance of building regulations is a win-win situation for all stakeholders, especially the Nigerian public.

According to him, such development would be healthy for the industry with professionals and stakeholders better placed to compete favourably with their counterparts across the globe.

The building expert stated observance of global standard here in Nigeria will not only assist the Nigerian public meet international standards but also provide an opportunity to meet and interact on the world stage.

Architect Ngwaba said ICC is desirous to institutionalise a healthier building environment in the counting, adding; “We needed to establish an organisation that caters for the building sector so that they can all dialogue on issues that affect the use and adoption of building codes”.

“They can also dialogue on ways of putting up simpler buildings for users. So a whole lot of money is saved by all involved in the construction process. And when these buildings are finished, those who are involved in the design can go and check if what they designed was actually built”, Ngwaba said.

He maintained that things can greatly improve within the sector if “periodically, there are certain levels of evaluation to ensure that what was built actually operates within the set standards.”

For him, with such policy in place, individuals, who invest in building projects will over the years, ‘be assured that their investments are safe and good. So adherence to using quality codes benefits everybody’.

“The investor is happy about his investment, the person living in the building is happy that he is living in a good building and quality environment. So we have minimal cost to people, people do not spend money on burial of their loved ones as a result of building collapse, fire or flooding incidences”, the NCC-ICC boss said

As a professional body, ICC is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public by creating safe buildings, infrastructures and communities that are resilient.

NCC-ICC was officially inaugurated as a Global Chapter in 2015, and is devoted to create and sustain awareness on prevailing international building codes, standards and best practices in constructing sustainable buildings, infrastructures and communities across the country.

Its membership is drawn from building industry professionals; Architects, Engineers, Technologists, Academics, Town Planners, and Builders. Other stakeholders include; Government agencies and officials, Quantity and Estate Surveyors, Building Safety Professionals, Manufacturers, Surveyors, Traders, Artisans and Students.

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