Anambra Governorship: APC Leadership Parleys Party Candidate, Aspirants


The National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun and some members of the Party’s National Working Committee (NWC) on Thursday met with the Party’s candidate for the Anambra State Governorship election, Dr. Tony Nwoye and other aspirants that contested the APC primaries for the November 18, 2017 polls.

The meeting, convened and presided by the Party’s National Chairman, also had in attendance former Senate President, Ken Nnamani while aspirants at the meeting included: Chief George Moghalu; Engineer Bart Nwibe; Dr. Patrick Nwike; Dr. Chike Obidigbo; Engineer Johnbosco Obinna Onunkwo; Dr Obinna Uzoh and Barrister Nonso Madu.

Below are the APC National Chairman’s comments at the meeting.

“We have an incumbent government in Anambra state. We have all been through a most exciting period of campaigning for the primaries. The primaries are over, we have by God’s divine mercy a candidate. But a tree does not make a forest.

“We are in politics and we recognise that each and every one of those, who aspired for the office of governor of Anambra State has a constituency. Each and everyone have something significant to contribute in our goal of winning the Anambra State governorship election from an incumbent.

“So it is very important that we manage to hammer together not just a patchwork of peace, not a make believe kind of camaraderie, but a very serious unity of purpose between all those who aspired for that office, to act as a serious guarantee that we are indeed also serious in winning the Anambra governorship seat. That is why I have called you today and our Party’s elder statesmen and leaders in the South East zone to act as guarantors of whatever we agree to do today.

“It is my hope and expectation that by the time we leave here, we will have one single fighting force of twelve persons, each of whom could have made us proud as governor of Anambra State. The state is very significant to us. For us, it is the gateway to the South East. It is important we do everything we can fair and square to bring Anambra State into the progressive fold for a lot of reasons.

“Until we manage to bring a few states into the mainstream of progressive politics, this continued cry of marginalisation, we may not see the end of it. So it is important, Anambra State being a critical state in the South East geo-political zone, it is most important that we work and work hard and work with unity of purpose to break through to the south east in a major way through Anambra State.”

Comments by former Senate President, Ken Nnamani

“Our national chairman has summarized the purpose of this meeting and he has touched on very critical issues pertaining to the aspirations of the Party to make very strong inroad into the South East.

“I totally agree with him especially on the issue of marginalization that you don’t stay under the rain when it is pouring heavily and start crying because nobody will observe. Unless you go into the ruling party and make meaningful contributions, you will then have moral standing to ask why don’t we have this or that?

“I will like to congratulate Mr. Chairman for initiating this peace move and bringing together those that aspired to govern the state. It requires courage to offer ourselves for service. It is not everybody that has that courage to contest election. It is like wrestling, when the umpire signals, it is not every able-bodied person who throw in the towel would like to contest.

“I congratulate each and every one of you and hope you harken to what the National Chairman had to say. I spoke out of the experience, observation and interest. We have people who have gone through the crisply of planning in Nigeria’s electoral planning. The chairman talked about unity of purpose but I want to add that we need unity of action.

Comments by an aspirant, Engr Bart Nwibe

“We have been looking forward to this meeting and I think that at the end of the meeting we will build the necessary synergy to help deliver our Party in Anambra State. We are all willing to do our very best but I also think that our Party both at this level and the executive will do the needful so that we will be empowered enough to return and deliver Anambra state and by extension South East into the APC.

“We are optimist that we will do our very best. We are on ground and if we do the needful there is no reason we cannot win our state. We have a candidate who is a very young fellow and I am certain he will bring certain kind of freshness but I think our Party and the presidency will have to step in to help us achieve this.”

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