BY ADEYEMI AKANJI, BAUCHI – A chieftain of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Gombe State, Mallam Dahiru Hassan Kera has declared that there is nothing for the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration in the State to celebrate after one year in office as the State has been dragged backwards.

This is even a the Governor Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya-led APC administration in Gombe state has outlined its achievements since coming to power a year ago.

Kera, who was Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to former Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, said in an interview that the people are the judges themselves and the residents of the state are not happy with the way things are going on in the state.

In his words; “There is no governor that will talk about development and still frustrate tertiary institutions just because they were established by his predecessor. As we talk, one of the five state owned institutions after the coming of this administration has not received salary except the management staff, while the remaining four institutions received salaries without overhead.

“If we place road construction side by side with education, there is no way a governor that claims to have no money to support tertiary institutions will be constructing rural roads at the expense of tertiary education.

“We recently had the name of the state soiled in the eyes of the public. The poor handling of isolation centres, if the government is serious, there is no way you will have problem with an isolation centre and they will allow for a subsequent protest by other patients in another centre without addressing their grievances,” Kẹra added.

He continued; “We know that government is a continuous process, our (PDP) government successfully transformed the dreaded Kalare group through various training and reorientation to Marshal so that they can be responsible citizens to both the state and their families. 

“After reintegration and placement under salaries, all of a sudden this government just for political reason threw them out to the street that has invariably increased the rate of crime in the state which they can’t curtail. It was against this backdrop that the previous administration chose to absorb the youths and engaged them in meaningful ventures.

“There is so much noise about water supply but in actual sense, provision of water supply has become worse this time than ever. Technically, the dam was constructed to serve a particular population and there is no way water supply can be improved without dam expansion, yet this government chose to tell lies that they have improved water supply. How?” he questioned.

He stressed that the best thing to do should have been to increase the capacity and not to be mouthing reticulation which was already done by the Dankwambo administration.

“You can’t reticulate when you don’t have adequate water supply, instead they cut supplies from other areas to concentrate supply to the metropolitan city, and you can see how myopic they are thinking, just for people to say there is water,” he concluded.


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